Living life as a teen

Hello everyone, this is my first blog and hope you enjoy reading it!I am writing this blog for teenagers and teenagers’ parents , so they know what it is really like to be a teen .

For me, teen years is the most important period of every person’s life. It makes us who we are. Through this time we change a lot, lose friends, break hearts or have our hearts broken and it is very hard to be alone during this stage. So, I think that it’s necessary to have family and friends by your side. Which is another problem itself. (That I will discuss later)

Firstly , I want to write about depression , which is very common in teenagers. I am myself in depression all the time without even knowing why. And the only way to beat those negative feelings is to focus on things , that are positive and make us happy. (like family or friends) Which is not as easy as it sounds, because there are so many problems in our daily lives. All of our relations seem very confusing and complicated , plus school which is very stressful and we get a life which is very hard to cope with. We wake up every morning knowing , that it will be a wearing day , but still get up and do what we are supposed to do. We go to school/university and study , then return home and relax , after that we do homework and it goes on and on . It’s not easy to live how you are supposed to, how everyone wants you to , like your opinion doesn’t even matter and you are not the one to control your life. It is so boring to deal with those huge problems daily and still continue doing what you have to , knowing that every day has enormous affect on your future and every decision you make changes things in your life. But still, keep fighting and facing every challenge that appears on your way .

Second thing is relations. During teen years, you get and lose a huge number of friends , some will be fake , jealous of you , better than you , more popular than you , richer than you and just leave your life unexpectedly . It will hurt very much , but still you’ll have to do everything in your daily schedule with a smile on your face , because , who cares at school on what emotional breakdown you are. And it is not only about fake friends , but also about real friends, who mean world to you , however , your relationship with them is always doubtful ’cause you are completely/partly different from them and have arguments often . Maybe about little and stupid things , but still. Then, after arguments you have to apologise to them which is very hard. You have to defeat your pride and compromise to keep relation. To sum up everything , relations are very necessary , but vague and complicating.

Third and also very important things are boys/girls. Most teenagers feel like they are in need of their soulmate and are in desire to have one , which leads to having their hearts broken . But sometimes , relations last for a long time , maybe they end with marriage, which happens rarely. Teens who don’t have girlfriends/boyfriends usually have crushes on other people , that is very painful. Having crush is one of the worst things about being a teenager. You fall for someone and try to impress and charm them , but mostly , teens are too shy to make the first move and just live with this feeling growing and dying inside them . These feelings affect our lives too.

These are the first three things that are very hard for us , for teenagers, to deal with and that we face every day. But they are the part of our lives and help us to experience complications early to have less problem and be more experienced in the future.