Budweiser story or advertising?

The ad that I chose from the superbowl ads was the one about Budweiser. In this ad its telling you a story before it even tells you what the ad is for. This certain ad is about a man who is from Germany trying to escape and go to the United States and once he hits the United States he goes to the bar and meets a friend who bought him American beer. The tone of this ad is inspirational because he had to try and escaped Germany and what made this inspirational was that he had escaped Germany to try to go to the United States to try the American beer.Target audience would be people who love drinking beer. Through out the ad video the actual company was presented at the very end when the Germany man had met an American man who bought him beer but the Germany man had sketch a type of beer which was Budweiser and told the American man you need to try this. This certain ad video is telling a story because it shows where the Germany man started and how he is trying to escape and shows how he got to United States and had American beer. The way Keith explained his research on superbowl ads is that “more acts in a commercial (a more complete story with a plot) the higher the ratings or likability.”(Quesenberry 2015).With this certain ad it does fit the pattern on how Keith described it because it’s telling a narrative story that has a plot and the ad just doesn’t go straight to what the whole point of the ad is, it tells you a story about how it all happened. Comparing this ad to one of the ads we watched in class about the lost puppy Budweiser had did 3 years ago it seems like Budweiser is trying to tell people a story and get their attention before showing them the actual product on what they are advertising. To make these ads successful it seems like as long as you tell a story on whats happening and then later on show the product it would not only get the audience attention but good ratings on the ads.


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