Generation Z

Even though the millennial are more focused on social media and technology I think that their perspective on storytelling is different compared to previous generations. I think that the perspective is different because when it comes to the previous generation we were more focused on the storytelling and fantasy type of stories. For an example we grew up with The Three Little Pigs story and with the millennial they are growing up with technology and not too focus on storytelling type of stories. When it comes to what stories I find appealing would be when I see ads during TV show breaks the ones that usually catch my eye would be either when its about traveling because I would like to travel in the future and when seeing those type of ads it makes me want to do a goal and try to reach my goal and actually travel. For an example the ad that caught my eye was the Marriott hotel because in the video it was showing all these amazing places where I always wanted to go and to make it more modern they showed their app they have and how easy it is. This caught my eye because like others I am always looking at my phone or doing something with my phone so by having the Marriott app and staying with them it would be so much easier to either find information about certain things, checking in and checking out. For companies wanting to catch the audience attention having a story during their ad would grab peoples attention and would actually want to either buy their products or want to stay with their hotels. Personally I’m more about particular stories because when reading certain stories I would only like to focus on one thing and it’s more interesting to me compared to demographic type of reading. If other companies or other organizations try to catch my attention through stories it would be more of a series type. For an example in middle school when I read the book Twilight I had to read New Moon because I was curious on what happen, and when it comes to those type of stories it just makes me want to continuously read them and never stop. If companies and organizations want to continue on writing series of stories it would for sure catch my attention and would want me to actually try and read the stories.

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