Doggo, Tees’ Best Friend

It’s Meme Monday again, and not just any Meme Monday this time, but Meme Monday on the 4th of July! This week, we celebrate American independence with America themed t-shirts — if you think about it on a historical scale, America itself and its freedom-laden values have been a significant meme in human history — and we’re not even talking about in the internet sense. Of course, America — and all kinds of over-the-top patriotism — have served as popular internet memes for many a year as well, from Americans, friends, and critics alike.

Celebrate this Independence Day with us, with t-shirts! And try not to lose any fingers to fireworks. (Also, happy belated Canada Day to our friends up north!)

It’s a slightly belated Meme Monday again, but Meme Monday is still Meme Monday, on any day of the week. And this week, we’re jumping back in time to 1969 for a classic image from pre-internet, which has turned into a meme in the decades since. Yes, that’s right, we’re looking at variations on the Beatles’ classic Abbey Road album cover.

You won’t find as many images of people walking this iconic. This Meme Monday is a reminder of the immortality of the Beatles’ influence.

Yes, it’s Meme Monday. Meme Monday on a Tuesday. How does that work? Well, we’re sure there’s a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation for it. Speaking of which this week’s Meme Monday theme is none other than the internet’s favorite reason to do anything…. for Science!

Are you feeling the logic, the reason, and the empirical research? We certainly are. Make Neil deGrasse-Tyson proud. Check out these t-shirts.

For months, we’ve begun each week with Meme Monday, covering many an internet meme. This week, for Meme Monday, we celebrate the very internet itself with t-shirts that intend to encapsulate all of its glory.

Thank you, internet. Without you, there would be no Teenormous, and no Meme Monday, or cat videos, Doge, and more. Truly, you are a place of unparalleled humor and joy. (We’re going to ignore the horrifying parts here.)

Meme Monday on a Tuesday once more, and this time, it’s the Meme Monday before Halloween! We decided to go with an especially spooky meme for the occasion, one that’s exploded across games, creepypasta, and its own mythos over the years. Yes, that’s right — none other than the Slenderman.

Slenderman’s origins are in the Something Awful forums, and he does have an actual accredited creator. Despite that, there are some people who believe Slenderman is real. These people are superstitious. And apparently don’t know how to use Google. The creepy monster is starring, however, in some fantastic t-shirts.

Another new week has just begun, and we’re here to bring you some more Meme Monday fun. We’re just into the latter half of October now, and Halloween is in the air. Thus, for this week’s Meme Monday, we’re celebrating the 2Spooky meme with spooky t-shirts.

2spooky, or 2spooky4me, is a meme originating on YouTube in 2012, as a response to spooky content — also referred to as ‘spoopy’ if there’s humor with the spookiness — often featuring skeletons. There are references to the 1996 classic children’s song, “Spooky Scary Skeletons,” often invoked as well. For your spooky Halloween needs, we’ve got all kinds of spooky tees for you. And skeleton tees, too!

Another Meme Monday, once again on a Tuesday, October behind us, November here at last. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get these things out on a Monday. But we’re up to the task often enough. And you could say that on this particular Meme Monday, our sentiments are, Challenge Accepted.

This meme originated in 2010 on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, from Neil Patrick Harris’s character, Barney Stinson. And now you can accept any challenge life throws your way with these t-shirts.

It’s a belated Meme Monday once more, but a Meme Monday it still certainly is. And this time, we’re revisiting another classic one, in t-shirts inspired by the famous Andre the Giant Obey posters, going back to the late ’80s — that’s right, we’re talking about a meme classic here — based on art by Shepard Fairey.

The internet’s taken the original iconic street art campaign to hilarious and meta new heights. You’ll want to see these tees for yourself.

Monday’s rolled around once more, and it’s meme time once again — yes, that’s right, it’s Meme Monday. This week, we revisit an all-time classic meme for dog lovers and lovers of wondering how dogs might think. Such wonderment. Much amusement. Wow. This Meme Monday, we present the return of Shibe Doge.

Some memes are timeless, and Doge is one of them. Dog memes are among the best loved internet’s come up with, and Doge is one of the very best. We’re talking a primo meme here.

Moviegoing audiences fell in love with The LEGO Movie a couple of years back, but anyone who saw it can attest to that Will Arnett’s hilarious LEGO Batman stole the movie. And thanks to that, we now have The LEGO Batman Movie in theaters, which has been heralded as the funniest and one of the very best Batman movies yet. As such, naturally, we’re hyped for these LEGO t-shirts, and we think you will be, too.

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