Regular Show T-Shirts are Anything But

It’s the last Friday of spring! Are you guys excited for the arrival of summer? Or just the weekend? Either way, it’s t-shirt season, and here’s the latest trends.

Regular Show — Ohhhhhhhh! No chilling out this summer quite like with the bros at the park. You know who else likes Regular Show t-shirts? My mom!!!

Dr. Seuss — One tee, two tee, three tee, four. Five Dr. Seuss t-shirts, and while you’re at it, why not have some more?

Superman — The hype train for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has begun with the debut trailer the other month. Show the world which side you’re on with these Superman tees. Provided you’re on Team Supes, at any rate.

Jellyfish — Summertime means beach trips, and beach trips mean trying not to get stung by jellyfish. They make for beautiful images in the wild, though, especially on t-shirts.

Underdog — Mainstream superheroes aren’t the only popular variety! Sometimes beloved superheroes come from classic cartoons like Rocky & Bullwinkle. Never fear! Underdog t-shirts are here!

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