Whats new?

So I discovered this new artist platform called Medium where you can share your stories and thoughts…thought I’d give it a go!

The fact that medium is so aesthetically pleasing gets me wanting to create more for you guys! With that, this is where I will be posting things rather than Blogger.

To give an update of where I have been:

School: i’m a college senior!!! its insane, drinking my cup of coffee this morning i asked my mom “do you remember when you guys helped me move into my college dorm?” It all feels too fast and now were moving out of my child hood home.

You honestly don’t realize how fast life can go in a blink of a eye.

So many things are happening though. Searching for the perfect grad school, finishing college, and actually finding time to want to be social… most of you guys who read this could probably relate but if not I’m not expecting you to.

What else is new? I’m a intern with the 22q Family Foundation! We have a facebook group just for young adults and teens where we share our thoughts and feeling in a safe space except online.

Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/373071686418645/

It has done very well so far!

So tell me in the comments…whats new with you guys. i want to upgrade teen with a heart this summer with new and improved website and content!

love to hear from you,

lindsey ❤

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