Holidays round the clock at Teeny Town

Summers, what bright feeling that brings. Pickles in a jar, terrace playgrounds, reading for hours, visiting the country home, family get-togethers, returning to your roots, re-bonding with parents, it’s celebrations all around. Though the scotching heat is a bit turn off but the reminiscing nostalgia is invigorating. Summers were the best deals of our stressed out urban livelihood. But do our children still have that warm summer afternoons to steal from the jar of pickles? No, those jars are now used as mason jars and our kids will hardly taste the pickles now with the overflowing mustard sauce sashes and mayonnaise dips. Wondering if that nostalgia is lost forever from our next generation? Probably it will be. But I am sure they will have their share of nostalgia. Shall we not help them create their new summer memories to have nostalgic episodes later on? We are the parents, remember. It should be our responsibility to help them have a better summer time, a better childhood indeed.

It’s always summers at Teeny Town. At least the Holiday mood never fades, it’s always there wrapped in fun and frolic. Teeny Town is all set to reshape the holidays of our next generation with new nostalgias and the legacy of summer holidays. Imagine a place where there is not a single working day. It’s a land with only Holidays. It’s a place where the only rule almost always is to follow no rules ( except for the ones mentioned). Mind is like a canvas and your kid’s mind has a white paper on it which he intends to draw with so many bright colours. It’s important for us to serve them with the right colours. That’s what Teeny Town is here for. It’s the age when ideas are shaped, conceptions are formed, and it’s the age when the psyche of your kid is the most sensitive to the worldly experience he or she is gathering. It’s extremely important to expose them to only the right kind of environment. Teeny Town has worked that out perfectly for us. They have designed a perfect summer, they have shaped our children’s perfect holidays and it’s always holidays there. It’s a sheer luck to have such a place where you can be sure to take your kids for him or her to have a grand summer and the perfect idea of the Holidays. It’s like you have to choose to be alice in order to enter the wonderland. Don’t you think it is time for us to choose a place where Holidays never ends, it is round the clock?