3 Reasons Why The Best Writing Comes From Sadness





I’ve found that most of my best writing comes from moments of sadness, rather than joy. We don’t always want to write while we’re feeling blue. But writing while we are sad is great for a few reasons:

  1. In our somber moments, we pay attention to everything: songs, the weather, words we say. The world slows down and we get to take in our experiences to the fullest.
  2. Sadness makes us look inward. When I’m happy, I see sunny skies all around. I tend to brush over things. When I’m sad, I reflect deeply on what I believe is important. There is clarity and purpose.
  3. When tears flow, words flow. Any writer knows that sometimes it’s hard to sit down put the pen to paper. In sad moments, I can’t type quickly enough to describe what is going on.

The next time your feeling sad, try writing a little something :)

What do you think?

What moods are you in when you produce your most meaningful content?

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