Will Swift end the war of Cross platform mobile application development?

Google, today, Some source said they’re interesting to make Swift as ‘first class’ language for building their Android application.

As a cross platform developer, I’ve been looking for the silver bullet solution to build multi-platform mobile application with single code-based and last few years, it brought me to world of the web, one of the most popular platform in the world.

During my journey, I wrote few conclusions for each time that cross platform technology evolved and rise of wars, which you can find them in the end of this story.

And this time, it’s about new sign of ending 3rd cross platform war.

“Google’s interesting in Swift” — Sources

If you are in iOS or Android development, a big buzzword you’ll found around is “Swift, First class, Google for Android” (According to The Next Web, App Advice, Mac Rumors, and Android Central)

That raised the wave in internet that people who are building iOS application with Swift, is going to have ability to build Android application, immediately, if this’s really happen.

So that brought my attention.

If Google is going to do that. It might be the silver bullet for cross platform solution that many developers looking for a long time.


No copy-paste here.

The final result that everyone expect to see is total Swift language control every parts of Native Android. But would it possible?

The plus point for Swift on Java at the moment, is relying on 2 advantages:

  • Battle with Oracle +1
  • Swift is Open-source +1

But we know everything in Android doesn’t friendly with new born programming language, for example, Google might need a runtime for Swift, and make Libraries & SDKs to work well with Swift.

In another case, Low-level API written in C++, need to be re-write for Swift’s ‘first class’ adoption, also for high-level API.

In fact, there’s a pioneer, Romain Goyet, already toy this possibility with Android NDK project. So that’s proof Swift has some way to do this.

So is it possible?

Yes, it is. But I thought it might be a long journey. Even we don’t mention about war between Apple & Google.

Don’t get me wrong. I wish to have one-programming language to rule every platform too. But world of business and technology always make us surprised.

Will it end the battle of cross platform frameworks?

Today, we have few top ranked tools and framework from each territory, as I mentioned in ‘the 3rd war’.

  • Ionic 2
  • NativeScript
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • FuseTools (Thank you, Peter!)

Each warrior has their strong point, but if Swift really come in to the battlefield, backed by Google, this’ll changed.

Because the support came from the origin. that may but Swift into the same position like JavaScript in the era of Node JS.

I may predicted here, if Google really adopted Swift as the ‘first class’ language, we’ve got the ‘huge’ warrior for people to cheer.

According to Native iOS developer who already adopt Swift as major programming language and other Android developers might joined in.

OK, so is it really going to happen?

Everything is possible, but I think we have to stay calm about this news.

Because there’s a lot of Google’s initiative project rise and disappear. I think Swift’s adoption is a gigantic move, and we need Google to say clearly what they’re thinking.

Let’s see in Google I/O 2016 this year.

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