JavaScript: One programming language to rule them all

Now, we can use JavaScript to create Desktop & Mobile App, Web server, also the Internet of those things.

1. The Dark Age has gone (so far)

Now, the Golden Age of Framework & Open source


Make HTML more dynamically, one line of JQuery at a time.


Angular JS

JavaScript framework that birthed to fullfil web application

JavaScript is not for only web anymore

Node JS

Node JS make JavaScript run everywhere!

The Rise of Mobile era

PhoneGap & Cordova

Ionic Framework

Faster and smoother Hybrid mobile application solution

  • How can I implement Push notification? (It’s Ionic Push)
  • How can I rapid prototype mobile application’s UI? (It’s Ionic Creator)


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Faster Dynamic HTML Rendering & Component-based, finally come to JavaScript

React Native

Think about React JS, but for Native Mobile application


Create mobile application natively, with JavaScript


Web become desktop application.

Cylon JS

Hey, JavaScript can control that things!

Let’s sum them up!

  1. JQuery Make HTML more dynyamic without headache
  2. JQuery Mobile JQuery comes with Mobile’s UI framework
  3. Angular JS JavaScript framework for web application
  4. Node JS JavaScript is working without Web browser!
  5. MEAN JavaScript technologies that stacked up for web application
  6. Meteor Another easy MEAN Stack’s solution
  7. React JS Faster and more component-based for JavaScript
  8. React Native React JS for create Native mobile application
  9. NativeScript Another framework for create Native mobile application, included Windows Phone
  10. Electron Make desktop application with JavaScript
  11. Cylon JS JavaScript for Internet of Things



Love and Teach people on Crypto currencies, Blockchain AI, Cross-platform Application, and Web Technology in Thailand. Also love hot chocolate and cats.

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