Let’s guess what is Apple hinting in WWDC 2016’s invitation

Before start, It’s the best invitation design, ever!

Apple sent an invitation to my inbox today. Like another iOS folks, exciting, joyful, and curious about what is going to shine on stage in June.

I’ve to admit that I fall in love with this invitation. It’s truly designed for developer who is the main audience for this event.

Rendered with Menlo font (Used as default in Xcode), coloring with Swift theme and marked up major information with syntax and comment. I feel Apple still care about design, and this really work well.

Apple is hinting us again, in code.

If you entered to WWDC’s landing page. You will found same message like I added in here:

Hello, WWDC!

And followed up with 11 print out sentences. Which I started feeling strange. Apple always put hints in every event’s invitation. So I thinks there’re a lot here.

Let see if you agree with my guessing what Apple is hiding in this invitation.

These are mine:

Those 11 lines…

OS XI or MacOS

First, 11 lines after the first statement, might be the latest version of Apple’s operating system, OS X, is going to have a major change.

Rumors said it is going to be ‘MacOS’, or in my understanding, OS XI.

1st, Hello love at first swipe

New iOS

This should about iOS. We know iOS improves every year and his should be its next major version, iOS 10, or might be ‘iOS X’.

Yey, we might be looped in again, hopefully not. :)

2nd, Hello the other side of the road.

Apple Car, or Swift for Android

Road? This might hint about Apple’s car.

But I think differently. This might about unbelievable news that Apple’s Swift programming language is going to be used, as ‘1st class’ language, for develop Android.

If you’re interested, I wrote a story about Swift and Cross platform mobile application development here.

3rd, Hello yogi on my wrist

Apple Watch

Yogi? This might about existing Apple Watch’s application, or new one. I guessed this might lead to new sensor’s improvement on the watch.

4rd, Hello driver, fast as you can

Uber, Apple Car, or CarOS

Yes, 3 words I started to think about when I saw this line.

Apple might tell us on stage that developer improve our transportation life, or drive a new car to show us, or even announce another new OS.

Except those 3 words, I thought about new improvement on Metal, original graphic engine by Apple.

5th, Hello workout in my living room

HomeKit, IoT

This might hint about improved HomeKit they released last time. Internet of Things still fade into our life. But now it could be better if Apple make all Kits work together more seamless.

6th, Hello every pitch, every highlight

Oh my, I really have no idea about this. What do you think?

7th, Hello self-combusting selfies

VR, Camera Kit

Camera for sure. We know the great experience of using iPhone's camera. We also got thousands of application that work with iDevice’s camera.

But if Apple is going to make it special for developer, may be, VR or new CameraKit?

8th, Hello double tap heart

Messaging, new Apple Watch’s chat, or better Apple Watch’s sensor

This reminded me about Apple Watch. That heartbeat sensor that can send heartbeat to another one.

This may be a sign to allow developer to access some new kits in Apple’s communication system.

In the other hand, this might be new sensor in Apple Watch.

9th, Hello rain in five minutes


Siri, I think you are going to be better than today.

Working with weather is not new in iOS application, I use Yahoo Weather almost every day.

But what if Siri can wake up herself and warn some useful information for you?

Ok, that’s quite fantasy. But at least this might be a time for developer to make their apps integrate with Siri.

10th, Hello 6 seconds of fame

Oh my. I don’t really know what would this about.

11th, Hello big idea

This might be the topic below…

One more things

Finally Apple might be hiding us something far better than we can imagine about.

New version of OS X is cool. But I think about the day that’s OS X might ‘merge’ into iOS (finally). I know that is quite hard to be real. The user experience on iOS and OS X are completely different.

But what if, Apple now found the way to do it? ;)

Let's guess them together

Please feel free to comment and chat with me about your idea in the response below. I am excited about them.

Here’s the snapshot :)

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