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Week 3

#1 List and explain 4 main issues with the Internet today.
1.Digital Divide & Infrastructure
- The use of technologies are not cover all places , and they are expensive.
- the censorship is control by the government before you using it , how limit can you access the internet , and view on the internet , however , government may block the use of internet .
3.Net Neutrality
- Open free internet where all content is treated the same . However, a lot of people use internet .So, the sever often get lost .
4.Data Storage & Cost
- expensive and chances of having virus.

#2 What suggestions do you have to decrease the Digital Divide within Thailand?
- I would suggest that it is not important to decrease the digital divide because it provides us quicker communication.

#3 Who benefits the “most” from advancements in computer and information technology?
- if technology is developed,i think the education will increase especially for students who are studying in school and university.Nowadays,the role of computer and information technology have influenced in our life , we find and search for education ,So they are new thing in our life.

#4 Who are the primary emerging markets within ASEAN? Compare and contrast these emerging markets in terms of Internet use and potential for e-commerce.
- In my opinion, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand,and Malaysia are the primary e-market because a number of people who use the internet .Indonesia is the first number of 75.9 million people.Meanwhile, Philippines is the second 3.6 million of people,and The rest are Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore respectively. Moreover, the potential for e-commerce,Indonesia with a retail sales of 100.2 billion dollars, and Malaysia with a retail sales of 98.2 billion dollars. The rest are Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Singapore respectively.

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