Paternal leave for both women and men

I was reading an article on gender equality:

Many people focus on how women are unequal. While this is true, we ourselves create this inequality by perpetuating stereotypes. For example, the idea that women are the caretakers, they themselves benefit through maternity leave. Some of the best benefits are up to a whole year in paid compensation, but not all women receive that. The largest problem is that women compete with men for promotions. They alone also take this benefit of maternity leave and this might make them seem less dedicated to the job — it could hurt their overall chances.

Anne Hathaway says it best when men become liberated, women will receive their benefits too. She discusses the campaign asking for parental leave and not just maternity leave. Because when men have the option to have parental leave, it will open doors to many more benefits for women, including equal paying jobs.

Hathaway is not asking for women to stop fighting for their rights as feminists but for men to also get benefits that women already receive. This way, both men and women will eventually have equal rights and equal benefits. In summary, men need to receive the rights before women does.

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