What the “&*%$” is Rhetoric?

This is an interesting view of rhetoric. To say rhetoric is needed in all writing, but not know exactly what rhetoric is, is why rhetoric gives me many headaches. It’s probably the most true that rhetoric can be used in many different specific areas, such as English, psychology, business, etc. So when I read this from you it makes sense that you see rhetoric as something useful for English class and writing, because you are an English major and you want to teach English. Doesn’t it seem that rhetoric is adaptable to any perrson depending on their passions, beliefs, and understandings? Hm…Idk But it is intersting that only masters of English seem to be really concerned about defining it, even though there are rhetorical situations in many other fields. That makes me think of your friend who said that you should know what it means because you are an English major. I don’t know if she’s saying that becuase there’s this long standing assumption that all English majors know the meaning of every word in the world. Either way, great perspection of rhetoric!

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