Kelly Wahlstrom has been a Visual Designer (and my astrology BFF) at Envoy since 2018. We recently caught up via Zoom to talk about her dance background, her work, balancing expression and communication, and what’s been inspiring her during this weird, weird time.

Hi Kelly! 👋 Tell us a little about your career journey so far.

By the time I was three years old I had decided that I was going to be a ballerina. And that really stuck (read: a flight attendant tried to give me wings as a toddler and I burst out in tears, proclaiming I wanted to be a ballerina). I spent my youth training in ballet, jazz, and…

Many companies purchase visitor management systems like Envoy Visitors to enhance workplace security. They screen visitors to keep unwanted individuals out of their work places to guarantee employee safety, site security, and liability reduction.

In late 2018, I redesigned Envoy’s block list feature with a focus on improving matching, reducing false positives, and empowering workplace security teams to quickly decide if a person should be approved to come onsite. …

Alec joined the design team in March 2018. I recently caught up with him to talk about challenging visual design homogeneity, using the written word to construct better visual narratives, and developing an illustration system.

Alec ☝

What do you want to state for the record about yourself?

My name is Alec with a “C”.

Tell me what you do at Envoy?

I’m a visual designer, so I create things ranging from swag designs and illustrations to fliers and marketing pages, while also refining Envoy’s visual language.

So what does a “visual language” mean, anyway?

To me, for a technology company, a visual language can be separated into two big parts. The first would be what the interface looks like and the look and feel of the things…

Every so often, I get asked for book recommendations for professional development. While I could list off the books I referenced in my own process of finding a job in design, those books can be found on any list that a Google search of “books for designers” turns up.

Instead, I offer you a list of books that have impacted how I think. These are all books I’ve read, loved, and felt personally influenced by. I reference them again and again. As such, I like to believe they’ve made me a better designer, too.

Most of these books don’t directly…

Prior to being a Product Designer at Envoy, I was studying Economics and Psychology at UC Berkeley. I had no real idea about what I wanted to do, except that I had a fascination with behavioral economics and a desire to take care of people. Happily enough, product design fit the bill for both. After putting together a portfolio of personal projects, design challenges, and class projects, I started a long recruiting process that ended with me finding a home on Envoy’s design team.

This isn’t advice on “how to break into the industry” or “how to be good at…

Tina Xu

Product design girl

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