Teespring Spotlight: Heather Auxier

Heather Auxier is a talented member of Teespring’s Graphic Design team, a part of the company that still operates from Rhode Island. Her skills and attitude bring joy to both teammates and creators alike!

Where are you from? How did you find out about the Teespring Opportunity? I’m from Rhode Island and have lived here my whole life, except when I was in college in Washington, DC.

I found this opportunity just a couple of weeks after I got married. I remember finding a job listing for a graphic designer at Teespring somewhere online, but I cannot remember which website. I was super excited about applying since Teespring sounded like a very cool place to work.

When did you join Teespring, and what excited you at first about the job? I started working on September 3, 2013 and will never forget the first day. Everyone I met was excited and hard working so I knew right away I would fit in and love working here. Since I had been working in an art glass gallery for about five years before joining Teespring, I was especially looking forward to working at a computer and being more creative.

Since you first joined Teespring, how has the company and your role evolved? When I first started at Teespring, I was told from day one to always be prepared for change because it happens quickly and it definitely has! When I started, the Providence office was a very small office. Some employees had to work in the kitchen (only briefly!) because it was so small. After about 2–3 months, we then moved to a bigger office. I was able to see the creation of an amazing fulfillment center in Kentucky and the acquisition of Fabrily, which have all been wonderful moments in Teespring’s growth. I also have been able to see a lot of other changes such as our admin page being completely redone. The current admin is still the “new admin” to me.

My role has evolved but is actually similar now to when I first started. I started as a graphic designer and was then able to move onto the Customer Support team and focus on helping sellers create and manage their campaigns. I was also able to lead a team of four designers and one intern while I was on the CS Team which was a great experience. After restructuring, I was able to rejoin the Graphic Design team as a designer to focus on design creation and helping other Teams as needed.

What is your favorite part about being on the design team? There is nothing better than when I’m able to create a beautiful design I really love and the seller also really loves it as well.

Can you show us a few designs you are the most proud of? Certainly! I will attach a couple here. The first one, for Aphmau, is the design I’m most proud of, though sadly it was never launched.

The second one, the Chocobo one, I did shortly after joining Teespring. It’s one of the first designs I did which sold really well so it holds a special place in my heart.

What is a funny / unique moment from your Teespring history you can share? When we had moved from the smaller office to the bigger one, there were a lot of boxes around. The Sales team then had made an entire archway out of them. Also, when we had our professional photos taken, some of the guys were making funny faces through the window of the office so I was having a lot of trouble trying not to laugh! There have been tons of other memories as well. It would take a long time to go through them all.

Thanks Heather :)!

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