Tackling real problems in real estate

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After a short time working for a mobile money startup in South Africa, I realized how important it was to have good and reliable data. As well as people with the right skill set to derive value from this data. I have also always held the belief that entrepreneurs will create the solutions we need to solve the various problems faced in South Africa and many other African communities. In fact there are many problems around the world that need innovative thinkers to solve them.

The real estate industry is one in which it is either hard or expensive to get access to accurate data. Looking at multi-family properties — often people are reluctant to give up personal information such as what they pay in rent, how much they earn, what the terms of their lease agreement is and other such questions. This type of data would be useful to landlords, brokers and other people looking to rent homes. The real challenge is creating a value proposition that would encourage people to share these valuable insights. This is what initially drew me to working in the space.

However as we discussed and ideated from this initial challenge we started to look at other problems faced by tenants and landlords alike. One of the common problems we found was a lack of an efficient property management platform. For me this is one of the most exciting phases of the start up process — being able to ideate and pivot as you learn more. So now we are working on a platform would help landlords, handymen (such as electricians, painters, plumbers etc.) and tenants connect more efficiently. We are currently thinking about how this platform could be used to allow tenants to receive services on the same day thus reducing call out fees as well as improving the work load and efficiency of the service providers. thought of a feature that would help scheduling with handyman, a payment portal, a way to review your landlord to encourage responsible and proactive landlords. We are still talking to leading industry professionals, landlords and tenants to create a solution that will have a positive impact within the space.

I am passionate about using tech and data to help connect people especially those with small and self-owned businesses such as handymen. I think the real estate space will also be exciting as there are so many different sectors within real estate and many different challenge that are yet to be solved.

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