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I hate giving prepared speeches. I get the shakes. My heartbeat thumps loudly in my head. I struggle to remember what I am meant to be saying. I just can’t bare the thought of everyone focusing and listening to me, often my nerves get the better of me.

A good pitch is such an important part of a successful start up. You need to be able to clearly explain the problem you tackling, your idea and your value proposition. It is essential to be succinct. My team decided to “go in cold” for our Alumni Crit. With no practice, all I could hear was my own heartbeat and could only speak for 30 seconds of my allocated 2 minutes. I completely blanked on what I was meant to say. We couldn’t communicate our start up idea properly and completely confused our audience. A week later, we did not make the same mistake for our Sprint presentation and took the time to practice and prepare. The resulting pitch was very different. The clearer presentation allowed us to receive quality feedback on the idea rather than a 10 minute discussion on deciphering what we were really trying to say.

The power of a good presentation was made obvious to me in this process. It is an important skill no matter what career path you go down. Communicating ideas is central to many businesses and is a skill that can be improved through practice. So as I continue on this start up journey, I will try to work on my presenting skills…Slowly trying to quieten that thump in my head.

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