It’s about time you accepted it, denial time is over: he’s moved in, you’re living together. DOMESTIC LIFE BEGINS!


“What? When have we even talked about living together?!”

Don’t panic. Confusion is accepted at this point. Whether you two are just too lazy to get off the sofa, or you truly have become the masters of domesticity, don’t fear.

Here are nine signs that he slowly wormed his way into actually living with you… and that you’re probably the last one to realise.

1. There is a second toothbrush in your bathroom

Is this your life now? (Hint: it is)

It doesn’t take a Sherlock to know that if his toothbrush has found its place next to yours, it’s because he doesn’t need it at his place anymore…

Why could that be?


2. Alien food in the kitchen

If the popular British choice for breakfast has taken over your cupboards, we’re afraid to inform you that an Englishman has made your kitchen his kingdom. It took India 190 years to get rid of the British, so good luck if you want to kick him out.

Either you talk things out with your domestic Briton or you embrace the oats: your choice.

3. … And alien books on your shelves


Your Cosmo has been sitting next to his Economist for a while now: the graphic definition of domestic bliss… Wait, is that a smile on your face? Just admit it, it’s quite cute, even if some of the new titles living on your shelf make you wonder what kind of nerd are you dating.

Honestly, what the hell is that

4. Coffee is always for two


Confess! When was the last time you made coffee only for yourself? Coffee comes always in twos and that’s a fact.

Good thing? No more lonely cuppas.

Bad thing? More stuff left to pile up in the sink — oops!

5. It’s no longer your place…

… when your friends just assume he’s going to be there. His presence is expected because (surprise!) he’s always there!


Stop denying it, girl. They know, we know… when will you know?!

6. Netflix knows best

Even Netflix knows your man has moved in! Check and judge by yourself.

Even though we know you’re a strong independent woman whose tastes in movies go way beyond Bridget Jones and The Notebook, “Inside Russia’s toughest prisons” doesn’t really sound like the title you would choose for a lazy day in. Who else might be watching your Netflix on such a regular basis? Who could it be? Who?


Hint: You already know who.

7. Hoodies and sweatpants EVERYWHERE


It was adorable when you asked him if you could keep one of his hoodies because it smelled like him — and because on the inside you’re a hopeless romantic — but this is something else. If you find yourself running an obstacle race every morning jumping over sneakers, sweatpants, and more hoodies, maybe it’s time he gets his own drawer…

… although that would mean he’s officially living there, and you still don’t believe that, do you?

8. “Sweet dreams, honey” – if only


SOS! Your beauty sleep is being endangered!

Your sleeping patterns are a mess. Staying up late looking at each other because you’re oh, so in love…? Sorry, honey, we don’t believe you.

Having an awkward conversation about his snoring is always going to be better than getting no sleep at all because your beloved partner in crime dreams he’s a Harley-Davidson every. single. night.

(Because he stays over every single night, JUST SAYING).

9. You haven’t really talked about it

It’s true. That conversation has never come up , and perhaps it never will.

All you know is that, for some reason, you’re okay with things as they are and you wouldn’t change them a tiny bit — the snoring can go, though.