What is Home?

Home is an experience or place of beingness in one’s own consciousness that is familiar and positive, often beloved. The word and experience of home evokes a sense of belonging or Soul connection. Some humans feel “at home” with certain other humans or in certain physical locations or while engaged in certain endeavors or activities. Due to the Karmic nature of reality, and the transmigration of Souls, we have had many lives and many homes. Ultimately we, as Souls in human form, gravitate toward the sense of “home” or love which at the deepest level translates to an awareness of the Divine or G-d, that from which we come. Prior to incarnation, the Soul is in a realm of Light, love and devotion, and expression of G-d, as appropriate for the given essence. On earth, we often seek individuals, places or situations which evoke the same sense of belonging, rightness, or “home” that we felt prior to incarnation or that was felt in other incarnations. Of course, like any experience of the finite reality, our experience of home may be corrupted by Karmic experience or interference and so we may have been inadvertently re or miswired to have negative emotional, mental, energetic and physical continuum associations to the word or experience of home, attachment or connection to place, situations or other people or relationships including our relationship with the Divine. Related to that, an individual with intense negative polarity Karma around their childhood and birth family and/or religion may have no positive experience to “home.”

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