What is Love?

Love is both a distinct emotion which people experience in their lives and is also one of the two primary categories, or families, of emotion which make up the human emotional spectrum. Love is an experience of expansion and opening. Love combined with gratitude is the highest frequency emotional or being state in the finite reality. Love as an expansive emotion is often associated with giving and receiving. In a certain sense, love is regard and gratitude for the object of the love. Love is symbolized by the organ where it is generally felt, the heart. Love occurs in the presence, or after the stimulated, of positive feelings by any trigger associated with love. Often human triggers for love include other Souls, including children, animal companions, such as cats and dogs, objects in nature, such as plants or flowers, natural experiences such as sunsets or forest mists, or natural environments such as beaches or mountain. Essentially when a human Soul experiences an object, situation or being that they have positive emotional feelings for or associations to, they will generally experience love in some form. Like is a more pallid form of love. Hate is love and attachment compounded by hurt and fear of loss of love. Love is in the same emotion family as bliss and is generally regarded as a highly positive emotional experience with accompanying positive physical and mental experiences and/or expressions. It is held by some that love is all there is, at the most basic building block of all reality but while love may ultimately be the sum of all experience, in some as yet unknown potential future, it is clear that at the level of the equation of this reality, the human incarnate Soul reality where Karma is due and dealt, and non-benign forces seek to interfere, love is not all there is.

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