Netflix is on F***ing Fire
James McNab

How is Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul not on that Rotten Tomatoes List?

Netflix is GREAT and it is making more and more sense for certain segments of the population to cut the cord…my friends, who moved away to work, pay for Sunday Ticket and/or League Pass anyway to watch the Miami teams out of market so they are in a better position to cut the cord.

I still prefer having a satellite provider…I still live in Miami so I can watch the Heat and the Dolphins since they are part of the regional sports network (RSN). I also watch my Arsenal play on NBCSN/NBC for Premier League matches, FOX/FS1 for Champions League and FA Cup matches, beIN Sports for Capital One Cup matches, and watch my Reggae Boyz play on ESPN/FOX.

MOST of these games you can watch with an app or app subscription, but streaming isn’t there YET for sports. watchESPN/ESPN3 is getting better but it still lags behind/buffers the television version. Whenever Arsenal play the 10am match and its not on NBCSN, I drive over to my friends house (who has DirecTV with the Premier Live EXTRA channels) or a pub so I can watch the match in “real-time” instead of the NBC Sports Live Extra App. I HATE getting the notifications of a goal scored 2min before I see it on either AppleTV or my iPad/iPhone and the buffering can get frustrating. Even when I take notifications off, I still get texts from my friends and when you are a sports fan, you are most likely to have friends who are sports fans too and RIGHT NOW the apps are a GREAT option for us, but not the optimal solution.

I recognize I am in a growing minority and there is a large segment who don’t care about sports…but even then there are certain shows I prefer watching via my satellite provider over the app. For example, I much rather watch Game of Thrones Live on HBO via my Hopper DVR with HDMI surround versus HBOGO which historically crashes/has issues the night of big premiers. I have never tried HBONOW because I get HBO via Dish Network so maybe that experience is different, just like I notice certain platforms tend to stream better than others…Netflix is much better via my PS3 and AppleTV than it is on my XB1 and DVR.

Conversely there are things I much rather watch on Netflix than even on Blu-Ray…I would rather watch House of Cards in 4K via Netflix on a capable SmartTV than the House of Cards Blu-Ray…but I would rather watch House of Cards on Blu-Ray over a non-4K TV…less compressed video and superior audio. But these things are in flux…we have UHD sets coming out and streaming boxes that are getting more and more codecs. NBADL has a YouTube deal and I think more and more leagues will get better and better with their sports streaming. We now just to have to be cognizant of the ISP (especially in the USA) of predatory moves like data caps as we start to shift on how we consume media.

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