The hues of tea could give Pantone a run for the money.

You Deserve the Taste of Authentic Tea

As the second most favored drink after water, it’s no surprise that tea is finding its way into our lives in new and interesting ways. Although tea is often thought to be relegated to China, India, and Japan, not to mention the UK with their sweet and milky black tea, on any given day, more than half of all Americans drink tea.

For many, it’s the highly reported health benefits, for others it’s a more delicate way (than coffee) to get that much needed caffeine in the morning. And for some in the tea-drinking community, there’s a growing appreciation of the experience — the ancient ritual and ceremony tied to the art of tea (“Cha Yi” in Mandarin Chinese).

It might seem like we’re stepping into the tea market because it’s a prime time, but the truth is much simpler: we love tea. But not just any tea. No, we love natural, high-quality, whole-leaf authentic tea that celebrates the natural essence of a more than 4,000-year-old drink that has elegantly crossed all cultural and economic boundaries.

At Teforia, our ultimate goal is accessibility, because we believe authentic tea, its experience and its ritual, should be available to the tea curious and connoisseur alike. This passion for providing the perfect cup every time is driven by three things: ritual, connection, and purity.

But let’s back up. Exactly what is authentic tea? The answer is twofold, marrying the purity of tea with the ritual and process by which it becomes the delicately colored liquor you enjoy. When you experience authentic tea, we believe you’ll experience an unprecedented connection to history, tradition, and flavor.

We believe in purity. Every tea is unique, and every tea has a story to tell. We want you to be able to experience your tea’s journey with complete transparency. Our teas are completely natural, either harvested directly from the wild in protected ancient forests or from feral plantations. We believe this allows for the true expression of the terroir, just as mother nature intended, with little to no human intervention.

We believe in ritual. Great tea isn’t sleight of hand. Ordinary tea leaves can transform into a perfect cup of tea — if prepared properly. And you shouldn’t have to rely on a tea expert for perfection. So we’ve spent years traveling the world meeting with tea masters, growers, and pickers, to understand how tea is grown, harvested, and prepared in order to develop a unique ritual for turning this pure tea into one cup of perfect, authentic tea. The result is our tea preparation machine that combines the knowledge of a tea master with the best in modern technology.

We believe in connection. We’re bringing storytelling to the world of authentic tea because we think that knowing when and where your tea grew, how it was cultivated and harvested, and even the weather conditions will gift you a greater understanding and appreciation of the final product. We want to connect you to growers, estates, and harvesters so that you can celebrate and share far-flung cultures through the tea in your cup.

Our promise to you is a lightbulb moment. Once you’ve tasted authentic tea, we know you’ll realize what you’ve been missing. In fact, every member of our team has had the lightbulb moment we want for you (one was so sold, he vowed to give up his morning coffee for tea from our machine).

This is our journey just as much as it is yours, and we can’t wait to begin.

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