Collective Dreaming: I´ll show you mine if you show me yours…

I´m pretty sure the biggest raison de vivre is to dream awake together. Those who dare to manifest their dreams in the physical realm with like-minded dreamers are not unlike Portuguese Man-O´-Wars: what is seemingly one being is actually a whole community united by a common dream, in this case to drift the oceans where the winds take them eating seafood.

An essential component of collective dreaming is the release of ego to allow the shared dream to be of utmost importance, not just my idea or yours. It involves letting go and surrendering to the collective creative process. There is a concept called Third Space, in which two or more beings come together and create a safe space in which all values, priorities, past experiences, cultural practices and beliefs, are all held in equal esteem. Once all has been placed on the table and all present may see the jumble of pieces of each other, together they pick through the pile and see where there are commonalities, where the components differ, each communicating where they can yield, finding a common direction. It is neither person A winning and person B has to go along, nor person B winning and person A having to go along with it. It is opening oneself to the collective creative process of forging a new reality together.

Sooo…here goes. I dream of touring the world with a group of artists living a healthy lifestyle, taking recycled art supplies, musical instruments, healthy cooking ideas, and LOVE wherever we go. I envision transforming the places we go with color, vibration, and creation — radically transforming ourselves in the process.

I also dream of building little bioconstruction yurts somewhere green and surrounding them with thousands upon thousands of flowers. The flowers could be transformed into essential oils and used for healing with Bach´s Flowers tradition. Of course, a large chunk of land would be dedicated to a veggie and herb patch. Then artists and musicians could share the space for creative inspiration, forming part of an ever-shifting creative community.

I also dream of finding someone who sails and wants some company drifting around the Carribean, interacting with sealife and perhaps contributing to ecological efforts in the region.

Another dream is to record an album of original songs I have carried around South America in my heart for a few years now…and this dream is finally finding its time to sprout and put roots in the earth!

And now…it´s your turn. Tell me your biggest, dreamiest dreams and maybe, just maybe, the next person to read this article has been waiting so long to find someone who shares the same dream to make it a reality together…