Gardenscapes Hack Cheats [100% WORKING] Unlimited Coins Generator Android iOS

Tegan Barry
Oct 11, 2019 · 3 min read

Gardenscapes is one of those simple yet highly entertaining games, especially if you are into gardening or decorating. In this game you would be able to go on an adventure and restore an old property (a mansion garden, to be exact). Players can start growing or upgrading things in that area, choose a garden position and design.

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It has a unique game play: swap and match, restore and decorate the garden, while going through its indulging storyline. The first two levels of this game are just introductory and quite easy to complete. The real challenge (and story) starts when you reach the Level 3. This game is great for those who like matching games (like Candy Crush and the like) as winning these challenges gets you more coins to purchase more furnishings for your garden. Gardenscapes can be downloaded for free but has its in-app purchases.

Gardenscapes is a game so entertaining that the only thing that would bug you about it (and in most games as well) is the fact that many of the things you need to do in the game involves coins and having to complete puzzles to gain it (or if this is not possible, you would have to spend some real money buying coins online) This could be truly tiresome especially when the tasks becomes harder and harder to accomplish, with its level of difficulty raising continuously.

And that is where we come in — to give you a hand with some of the most useful hacks for Gardenscapes. You’ll be able to play with no stress and enjoy it without the need to panic whenever your coins are running low. Aside from the Gardenscapes free coins and coin generator, we are also giving you Gardenscapes cheats for any player to navigate this game in the breeziest way possible. Not only would you be able to skip the storyline (if you want to!), but also unveil the secrets of the garden as you accomplish every level without the trouble of not having enough coins and such.

Gardenscapes Hacks for Unlimited Lives:
When running out of lives, click Home –> Setting –> Mobile data. Turn off your mobile data and/or WIFI connection. Click back to Home and make sure that your device is no longer connected to the internet.
Close Gardenscapes by double clicking the home button.
Go back to Setting –> General –> Data and Time –> Turn off Set Automatically, then set your time 1–2 hours upward (note that 1 hour is equivalent of 2 lives, 4 is equivalent to 4 lives).
Do this as many times as you want (or as often as you need your Gardenscapes lives replenished).

Gardenscape Coins Generator
There are several Coins and Stars Generator online and this one is guaranteed to be easy and will help you with your coins and stars (or the lack thereof) in no time.

“Go To Generator”.
Enter your Gardenscapes username.
Choose the number of stars and coins that you need then click on continue.
Wait as the hack completes processing.
In order to avoid bot spamming you would need to provide proof that you are human. Do this by downloading 2 of the suggested free applications. Leave them open for 30 seconds.
Once you’re finished and everything has been done correctly, you will be redirected to a “congratulations” page.
Exit everything and enjoy your free Gardenscapes coins and stars.
For some people, they enjoy playing games without any help or cheats as it makes the game more challenging and achieving every level a sweet victory. But if you want to skip all the drama and get into the very essence of the game (uncovering secrets as well as making your inner designer flourish), getting a coin and star generator is an option. No need to puzzle yourself with all the challenge and beating yourself up for every wasted star just trying to get through your present level.

Do not also forget to indulge yourself by connecting to an online community (now that you have more time in your hands and without the trouble of having to hard-earn every coins in your Gardenscape pocket) and as well as the virtual community with your enthusiastic butler Alfred and his network of working pals to help you design your dream garden. Enjoy the game (without the catch) to your heart’s content.

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