Interview with the founder of Renaissance Engineering

-How would you describe the project? What is your vision?

Renaissance Engineering is a smart contract platform that allows you to invest cryptocurrency in tokenized real-life assets like real estate and global engineering solution company as a shareholder.
Renaissance Engineering’s mission is to make the ways of investing easier, cheaper, and more secure. It is founded on the belief that investing in current financial institutions is too complex and centralized.Renaissance Engineering uses smart contracts and blockchain technology to allows you to shortcut commission agents and other procedures to recover time and unnecessary expenses and makes real estate investment much profitable with %30 dividends distribution per project.

-Tell me about yourself and your team? What is going to make you successful?

I have been a civil engineer in Turkey for ten years. Worked on many public construction projects. After all this journey with a daily job. I started to interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency in December of 2016. The idea of enterprise appeared after my investment in Waves in April 2017. I was impressed by what wave platform is trying to create for business world mechanics and Sasha İvanov’s vision. After a long research of blockchain adoptation to real-life construction market; I decided to run my own Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on wavesplatform.
I collect my team friends from high-educated persons in their profession and experienced many years in the construction sector. Our team members know each other for many years, this makes us more compatible. Every single person has chosen meticulously by their relevance for project goals. We are aware of what we need to do to achieve our goals. All members believe that the revolution in the construction sector will come with blockchain. Enthusiasm is too important to be successful.

-Most ICO’s never leave their theoretical stage what makes you think this one could succeed?

Renaissance Engineering is only interested in real estate building and engineering solutions that have a legal prospectus for regulatory confirmations. This means that Renaissance Engineering far ahead of the competitors in being able to launch a product. My team had 10+ years of field experience in the real estate industry with hundreds of successfully finished projects. Real life project’s most important advantage is this, easy realization of idea and goals.

-What is the RE Token used for? What incentives do investors have to buy and hold the token?

First of all, RE Token is a security token on wavesplatform. Investors will be able to use their RE Tokens to buy&sell real estates on Dex which we planning to build. Another usage area is “online engineering solution service” if İ needs to explain this service will help you to solve your engineering&architectural problems on your real life.
Buying profit share tokens by investing in tokenized assets on Renaissance Engineering’s ico is legally entitle you to the earn dividends from building incomes, engineering solution service profits and dex real-estate commisions by %30 percentage. Ico discounts will be %30 for pre-ico and %10 bonuses,%15 for ico-sale and %5 bonuses. Monthly loyalty airdrop programme is giving chance to increase the amount of RE Token by first-year %4, second-year %2. We built our token model on “HOLD philosophy” totally. More holding percentage means more passive income from profits. Becoming an early adopter provide low ROI times.

-Regulation is heavy in this area, crypto got a problem to get regulated whats ur approach?

I think regulations are positive for crypto on some points. There are too many useless Ico in the crypto space and more is coming, this situation is not a good deal for us. People just don’t waste their money on these kinds of icos. We have a regulatory compliant legal framework. Before the running our ico we talked with local authorities and clarify all our operations to the governance of Turkey. We also have a working product running on the wavesplatform blockchain. Additionally, our smart contracts are created by the best platform which one is most standing close to the regulations in the crypto ecosystem. The Wavesplatform’s improvements about security tokens give us an advantage in the real-life product market.

-How long after ico will see implementations and actual real estate projects?

Our developers will start the creation of “Engineering solution service website” and integration of various payment methods in it immediately after the token sale campaign. Profits from this website will be distributed monthly to RE Token holders.
Plan about building product; we have several alternatives for land which we could start our first building project. The best one will be chosen according to the collected crowdfund amount and in three months the start of the building will be valid. First building project’s dividends distribution is planning in August 2019.

-Token holders want big exchange listings, these are expensive, did you already made some contacts there?

Yes you are right big exchanges mean more volume and value for the token, we are still listed best Dex, waves d decentralized exchange but we contacted Fyrus and Nessie exchanges to listing our token after token sale and that two meeting passed positive. We want to take part in exchanges which support wavesplatform blockchain based tokens. İf this need payment to the governance of exchange, we will create a poll for our community for a fully transparent decision will be given.

-How would you evaluate the current situation for Real Estate and Blockchain Industry?

The blockchain is one of the most important parts of construction innovation in next years. Renaissance Engineering is the first wavesplatform based token connecting cryptocurrencies with Real-World Assets. A token like RE Token is essential in the crypto ecosystem because of real-estate and dividend share funds are one of the best long-term investments you can make in during these volatile times. Many mainstream construction firms are exploring how blockchain can affect this market nowadays. Renaissance Engineering could be a pioneer of this revolution by offering a solution to investing in real estate cheap, easy, transparent than traditional methods.

-When is the ICO and how can people invest in the project?

The contribution is easy on the Wavesplatform dex (again benefit of Wavesplatform). We will use sell walls on the Waves dex to sell our tokens. They’ll appear 1st of October on Waves dex. 1 RETOKEN price is 0.004 waves. We will sell firstly 20M token and 10Mbonus distributed to first 20M token buyers. The remaining 32.5M token will be sold without bonus. When we collect 210k waves ico will over. You can follow steps which are defined on our users manual. Investors could avoid from possible fake RETOKEN with check this id number:

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