If I could redesign Facebook’s UX then this is what it would look like.
Jaryn Bunney

I guess your idea is about a more minimal Facebook. About the design you provide,d well..as I see it, there is a lack of color, focal points and white space.

Everything seems too big, with hardly any space between. I would like to see some icons to better distinguish a status post, a picture or a video. The search bar is huge and yet it isn’t one of the main feature that people use every time they visit Facebook, they open up that app or website to check whats going on or to post something.

There is definitely some spacing and grid problems as the first screen “Christie Huff” isn’t in line, the like icons and comments aren’t in line with the profile picture for example and the tabs on the upper aren’t proportionally spaced as Timeline is more to the left. I guess this is just rough sketch of some ideas you had.

I would like a more clean approach on Facebook a bit like Instagram went, but the truth is that Facebook is so huge now that it isn’t all about content, it’s about communicating, it’s about playing games, it’s about selling products and so a radical re-design like you purpose even if it meant just 1% of the people not liking it and quitting Facebook it would be a major profit loss for them…

And about redesigning Facebook, their already doing it, with baby steps so most of the users don’t even notice and the small fraction who notice don’t make it a big deal, as of their strategy now, I guess their main focus is about retention, not captivating more users to sign in or raise brand awareness.

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