Aj Jaane Ki Zid Naa Karo

Today was a good day after a very long time. Life smiled at me, and I didn’t hesitate smiling back. I let the flowers grow. I let the light reach me. I laughed. I heard my heart singing a melody of spring. I let the dreams in my eyes sparkle for once. I wasn’t afraid to look back today. I let the guilt take a back seat. I roamed around the city and wasn’t afraid to get lost. Your smile was my only guide, and it kept me going. The hopeless romantic, that I am, wasn’t sacred of any heartbreak. The silence of coffee shop was cherry on the top, it let me listen to your heartbeat, and I was ready to annihilate myself only to hear your laughter one more time – laughter that had teared apart the silence.

I showed you the book I am currently reading and you promised to read it soon. You reminded me of our shared dream, and my heart skipped a beat on the thought of it coming true. I mumbled a prayer; you said amen to that.

My favourite bookstore welcomed us with its silence and emptiness. We saw an expensive edition of our favourite book series and sighed together. You told me you love my city – I gasped and could only smile.

You had to leave; I wasn’t ready for it. I wanted the whole city to chant:

Aj jaane ki zid naa karo

Youn hi pehlu mein bethe raho!

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