Combating Religious Extremism and Militancy by adopting latest technological measures!!!!

Religious extremism and militancy have been increasing in our country on a daily basis. Despite numerous promises made by the government not much is done to combat this issue. As a result the economy of Pakistan is suffering quite badly. No new multi-national or transnational organization wishes to invest in our country. In addition to that we are unable to conduct any major sports events such as the cricket world cup which is a major source of income for any country.

One of the major reasons of religious extremism in our country is that there are numerous political, ethnic, cultural and social groups in our country. All of these groups are working on their own agendas to serve only themselves. In addition to that most of these groups are not led by any responsible leaders. As a result these leaders incite their followers to harm people belonging from other sects because everyone believes that they are following the one true Islam and the rest of the people are infidels. As a result the death toll due to sectarian killings has risen substantially. Indeed there have been numerous incidents were people from other sects were brutally killed for no other reason other than the fact that they were Shias, Ahmedis, Agha Khanis.

I would like to ask these purifiers of our faith as to who gave them the right to cold bloodedly murder another human being based on their sect. How can these religious extremists belonging to the different sects be sure that they are following the one true Islam.

We as a nation can combat this problem of religious extremism through setting up mobile applications where people can report these incidents directly to the concerned authorities. Many people in our country have a fear of going to the authorities fearing that they may be implicated in some way. These types of applications will provide a safe platform through which information about such activities can be directly given to the different intelligence agencies. Our country’s government does not have the resources to combat these problems of religious extremism alone so we as a nation should help the government because in the end this is our homeland and if we don’t protect it, then who else will. Furthermore the different government agencies can’t monitor each and every area. So people at the grass root level should report these incidents. Even if the concerned authorities fail to take action at that time at-least they will have the relevant information about them so that if a serious incident occurs, the authorities won’t have to start their investigation from nothing.

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