Cooling your House for free (TED TALKS)

With summer already upon us complaints about the scorching heat have dogged us extensively. However recently in Bangladesh a new social venture has created an Eco cooling system consisting of used plastic bottles and a piece of cardboard that will fit into any window of your home. This DIY device is mounted on a board with bottle neck sized toes cut in a grid pattern. This is such a great invention that no electricity is required to run this device.

Greming Intel a social business information technology teamed up with an agency Grey Dakett to develop this project and as of February the duo have bought the cooling system to more than 25000 households in Bangladesh. Why can’t we do something similar in our own country. This device would help reduce the energy crisis that we are facing. In addition to that most of our population is still living in houses where electricity hardly ever comes. Indeed in some areas of Pakistan electricity only comes for 6 hours out of a total of 24 hours. The Eco cooler is set to decrease temperatures by at least 9 degrees in a short time and can make a big difference especially in small cramped huts.

To make a home-made cooling system grab a piece of heavy duty card board and trim it to fit the window of your choice. Next cut holes in a grid pattern that are large enough for a bottle neck but be sure that cuts are spaced as according to the size of the bottle. Find as many used bottles as you can and the bigger the size difference between the body and the rim the better. Now slice along the body of the bottle and cut away the tops of the caps before placing them back on the bottle. This helps fix the bottle on to the board. Push the cut bottle from the outer side of the board. Twist the cap from the inner side and chuck it to keep the bottle in place. Finally place the Eco cooler in the window with the wide part of the bottle facing outside. Hot air will rush into each bottle which is pushed to the rim where it starts to expand. This expansion is what cools the air before it enters the room.

By using Eco Cooler the problem of electricity can be taken care of especially in the summer months. This device is extremely easy to make and indeed will prove most beneficial for those people who are living below the poverty line. They would just need to buy the Cardboard as these empty bottles are available for free and can be found easily in trash cans and dustbins.