Corruption, The Bane of our Country and how can one reduce it by using technology!!!!!!

Corruption in our country is very extensive. Indeed look into any governmental department and one would find corrupt officials not in hundreds but probably in thousands. Indeed the situation is so bad that it is very difficult to find honest government officials in this country of ours. Last year our country ranked on 126th number out of a total of 174 countries on Corruption.

Corruption has dogged our homeland from the moment of its inception. From the very first corrupt politicians and their even more corrupt governments has plagued our nation. Bribery has become a way of life. This can be especially seen in the police department of our country. Indeed now the citizens of our country are more scared of police (The so called Saviors) then they are of the robbers. Recently the Panama Leaks incident occurred. Many notable politicians including our esteemed Prime Minister were named in this document yet not a finger was raised against them and they got off scot free. But the Nawaz government does not have the distinction of being the most corrupt government in the nation’s history because that honor goes to the Zardari government. They single handedly looted our country of billions of Rupees. Indeed the situation became so dire that our country was on the brink of economic collapse.

We are truly a unique nation. Over here when someone is charged with corruption, they instead of becoming shameful are proud of their achievements that they were able to dog the authorities for such a long time and were able to make a fool out of our nation’s tax departments. Recently the government levied a tax on property and already people are coming up with ways on how to cheat the government on not paying the correct amount of tax. In this new property tax, people would actually pay tax on the current value rather than on the price on which they had brought the property. By putting their money into property people could easily convert their black money into white. But this recent property tax will erect some major barriers on this process.

Corruption can indeed be reduced by adopting some of the latest technological methods such as using secure case management systems with audit trails and secure workspaces so investigators can trust these tools and that their work won’t be undermined or leaked. Secondly what the authorities can do is implement an automated tax administration system that moves taxpayer information from being hidden in a desk drawer to being recorded electronically and only accessed by the people who need it. Thirdly information should be shared internationally on aid, public contracts, or company ownership. What this would help achieve is that information could be made available to the concerned authorities as to who has invested their money where. And moreover those people can then be made accountable as to where they got that money from.