How to minimize the losses from the Disastrous floods in our country through technology!!!!!!

If the last couple of years are analyzed then one thing that is unfortunately seen in our country are the massive floods which are almost occurring on a yearly basis. In 2010 our country was struck by its worst ever natural disaster, the likes of which were quite unprecedented. The situation became so worse that almost one-fifth of the country was besieged by floodwater. This caused massive damage to the already poor infrastructure of our country. Indeed in some areas the road network is still not built again which was damaged by the floods. In addition to this as the norm in our country is that we never learn anything from history so in this case as well we followed our fore-fathers example and failed to learn anything from history. The next year followed the same pattern as torrential rains took quite a heavy toll on the country as sudden floods across Punjab and Kashmir wreaked havoc. This again resulted in the death of countless people as well as major loss of peoples already meager belongings. So what can we do as a nation to improve the situation so that the damage caused by these floods can be minimized.

First of all the government of our country should try to make or develop a fairly efficient system flood warning. As well as that the government should also try to have provisions ready so that relief can be provided to the effected population easily. Secondly the government should keep constant and strict checks that the canals are de-silted on a regular basis and the waterways should be strengthened. Mostly the funds allocated for such projects go into the pockets of the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians and nothing at all is done for the maintenance of such assets. Thirdly there should be good and sound plans already set in store that what would be done in the worst case scenario. Fourthly the people of our country in collaboration with the government should try to use all policy, institutional and technology options to help avert any such disaster in the future. Fifthly the government of our country should make an Indus Basin flood plan, which is an essential requirement. This plan should follow integrated river-basin approaches. In addition to that a stout flood policy should also be implemented which deals with how to manage the water resources more efficiently. Sixthly the government of our country should finally wake up from its slumber and should justify organizational resources as well as also bring about essential institutional reforms. Seventhly the government of our country should especially emphasize on increasing the revenue which would be used for the management and maintenance of infrastructure which is used in flood protection. And lastly the government should ensure that the NDMA, the PDMAs and District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMAs) fulfil their mandated roles and responsibilities.

Non-Return Valve

Apart from this the common people of our country should also take measures such as installing automatic flood-proof doors and windows, or purpose-built flood boards that can be fitted when flooding is expected. As well as that Householders are also advised to have external door thresholds raised in order to help keep shallow water out of properties. In addition to that houses should have fitting “non-return” valves installed to outdoor plumbing to prevent waste water flowing back into the property through sewage pipes.

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