Sometimes even the sky is not the limit. One should aspire even beyond that !! (TED TALKS)

So what you wanted to become when you were just 12 years old; a teacher, a doctor, an engineer or pilot etc and that be only in your thoughts which you dreamed about in your future. Now what if i tell you that there is a small boy named Thomas Suarez who is just 12 years old and is an app developer.

Yes an app developer, he always had a fascination for computers and technology, and also made a few apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Can you even imagine, he is actually doing this, he is pursuing what he wants and in an amazing manner. His first app was a unique fortune teller called Earth Fortune that could display different colors of earth depending on what your fortune was. He also launched a most successful which is Justin Bieber’s Whac-A-Mole. Many people asked him that how did he managed to make an app? He figured out that a lot of people are curious to know this because they also want to become an app developer but the problem was that there was no way or method to learn how to develop an app.

Because if you want to learn some musical instrument there is a teacher available or if you are interested in sports there is also a teacher available for that but for the learning of an app development we don’t have any guidance. That’s how Thomas got an idea and first of all, he started programming in multiple other programming languages to get the basics down, such as Python, C, Java, etc. And then Apple released the iPhone, and with it, the iPhone software development kit, and the software development kit is a suite of tools for creating and programming an iPhone app. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for this little kid, and after playing with the software development kit a little bit, he made a couple of apps and made some test apps.Then he persuaded his parents to pay the 99 dollar fee to be able to put his apps on the App Store.He also got a lot of interest and encouragement from his family, friends, teachers and even people at the Apple Store, and that’s been a huge help. In addition to that he also got inspiration from Steve Jobs and that’s how he started an app club at school, and a teacher at the school is kindly sponsoring his app club. Any student at my school can come and learn how to design an app.

So what we learned here is that he not just learned but also shared his knowledge to others and is now helping other students in their app development interests. After knowing this, i am sure that lot of new,innovative and fabulous apps are coming our way in future.