The Era of the new technology where wrist watches can replace Air-Conditioners!!!! (TED TALKS)

The world has indeed come a long way. We longer need air conditioning units to make us cooler. Recently some students at MIT have perfected a device called “WRISTIFY”.

This device would eventually cool and heat the body replacing air-conditioning which is great considering how much air-conditioning we use. Not to mention the electricity that is used to operate those air conditioners. In the USA alone about 16.5% electricity is being used by the Air conditioning units. This is a large percentage and it is not just during the summer months but year-long.

Well the students at MIT wanted to have a cheaper solution to combat the wastage of this electricity. It all started because one of the students wanted to spend time with his mother during the summer holidays. His mother is always cold. He on the other hand is always hot. So they always ended up arguing over the thermostat. So that student looked up physiology papers and he discovered one principle where if you introduce small body pulses of heat or cold, they would be able to make the body feel like that it is a different temperature. The theory behind this principle comes from that when you jump in a pool you feel cold and at first your body is shocked but then eventually you get used to it. That’s the opposite of what they are trying to do over here.

So this device introduces seconds of cold and then it will stop for a minute and then it will come back with more cold. In this way your body will be fooled and it will think that it is cooler then it is or warmer then it is depending on which problem you are experiencing. This device is like a cheap Rolex band and believe it or not this device actually ended up winning the Mad Mac in the annual competition in MIT’s material science and engineering program and they also won a $10000 price for it.

The device is still in the early stages but they guessed that it would cost about $50 to make with off the shelf materials if they put it into mass production.

Imagine if something like this is introduced in our country. No longer would we need air conditioning units in this scorching heat. Moreover people would also stop dying of heatstroke which is becoming a big problem in our country especially in the recent years.


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