Edhi Activity

We are assigned with the batch activity to collect donations for the edhi foundation. For this purpose we are divided into groups. I am in a group of four people including me but unfortunately two of my group members didn’t show themselves due to their personal problems. So we two girls work together to raise funds but we collected them in different time and didn’t do that together due to our schedule problems.

I still remember the 25th august,2017 at that day our batch mates decided to collect donations in punjab university.

So at that day we came up with the following ideas.

gather at PU(punjab university) IAS (institute of administrative sciences) department. We are supposed to gather at 11:00A.M but some members including me were late beacause some suppose to come after jummah prayer. I also come after jummah prayer because during travelling my car tyre was burst and it takes time to fix it and due to friday there was a huge traffic.

When we collect fund from IAS, we will go to IAGS(institute of agricultural sciences), then we will go to SST(shops for students and teachers). After this we will go to kareem market to collect more funds.

Now I have explained you about roadmap. Now, for fund rasing. We came up with a idea to have a chart in which edhi donation is written. Then we roam around I with my friend irum find a generous person who donate 500Rs. but amount doesn’t matter only niat does.

Other idea we come up with is to eat something from a random shop and ask them to donate and this idea works.

The last think have made a DIY donation box to collect funds because it can attract fund givers. Which is shown below:

Following are the picture of our activities during fund raising: