Positivity v/s negativity

live life to the fullest and focus on the positive” — Matt Cameron

The mind is everything. What you think you become” — Gautama Buddha

As we can read the above quotation they all are concentrating on living a positive life but a question is this how we can live a positive life if we have to surely came across with the negative things and moments.

The answer is that we should face the music with positive mind and donate our positive energies and ideas to overcome the negative. As you frequently listen that after every night a day comes and every cloud has a silver lining. So, it is our positive mind that makes the negative things positive or at least give us a courage to fight with that negativity. I think that a great loss of a person is his/her positive thinking. We have a loss of house, money, job, relationship and these can be recovered by your hard work and your luck and most importantly your positive thinking. If you lost the positive thinking you can never raise your self for success and be a frog of well.

scale of positivity is lower due to one negative thought

There is the another concept which is depicted in above picture. That a lot of positivity brings good energy to yourself but a single negative though will ruin your all efforts to be successful. Hence, even a single little negative thought can ruin your mood, lower your energy and decrease your passion.

In many times of our lives we came across with sorrow and sadness moments like death of your beloved ones, divorce, separation, loss of job and money. We have to be enough strong from inside to face these problems and go ahead in your life. I am not saying that don’t feel sad for your losses, feel sad but not too much that it overwhelm your abilities and suck your positive energy.

I have an example from my life when me and my cousin give 9th grade exam my cousin name hamza got failed in three out of six subjects and me just got failed in mathematics. As a result hamza left his studies and started to handle his grandfather (my nana G) shop. I was also get distressed from my failure in mathematics but I gathered my courage and started to study hard and eventually cleared that subject.

So, think positive have positive.

Thank You.