Taking interest in others

If you want to attract other people towards you, for this sound interesting is not enough you should have to take interest in others.

I want to tell my personal story that how a man flattered me by taking interest on me.

When I was in first semester I have taken part in dramatics competition. Before this I started to chat with a boy name “K”. He flattered me by complimenting me all the time and also expresses about his love; then we decided to meet at the day of my dramatics competition. I still remember how much difficulties he has to face to come in to my university. In short we met and spent time under the tree where we both were sitting on a bench. I was a girl who never ever dated a boy. So, when he touched my hand I was overwhelmed with the feeling of joy and happiness. Then he gone. That was my first date but after one month he left me because he said that he was time passing with me. I wept all night but I have to overcome from this betrayal. So, I started to focus much on studies but I got 3.07 GPA.

Point is that when you take interest in others as “K” did to me you eventually get interested to that person as I did. When one of the side loses interest then the bond of relationship collapses. From this breakup I learnt that when you take interest in others you eventually started to take interest also and second thing I learnt that don’t trust on strangers as I did. Third Thing I learnt that taking interest in others is the one of the most powerful emotions through it one can destroy or restore others as “K” played with my feelings and destroyed them.

I was also reading the book by Dale Carnegie “How to win friends and influence people” from this I learnt all the lessons which I told above but one thing I learnt that by taking interest in others is also a step towards success. I also learnt that the research proves that people want to be interested (by others).

I also collected some responses about what are other people interests the replies are shown in below screenshots.

Here is the response of my class fellow about his future plans. LOL

Tanzeel’s Response when I asked him about his future plans. Hahahaha

Here are other responses of my class fellows both have same future plans. I think so.

Faisal Response…Note: I also offer him to give tips to have gf..LOL
Ali’s response

Then I finally chatted with my sister lyba on snapchat. Here is the screenshot. From this screenshot you can have idea that how much I take interest in her I convince her to chat me on snapchat (as she doesn’t have fb or cell no.)

From all of the above responses we can easily conclude that by taking interest in others we can also achieve our goals. Hahahahahha