Avoiding the Graduate Employability Crisis

Teigan Kate
Aug 18, 2014 · 2 min read

Teigan Kate is a Graduate Program Manager at a large, international organisation. She’s pretty sick of all the crap advice people give to grads, so has decided to right society’s wrongs by giving grads the real deal.

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All hail students, graduates and Graduate Managers – if you hadn’t noticed, things are beginning to look rather grim. For the younger amongst us, if you want to get a job (or for the managers, keep one) it is time we woke up and smelt the roses – we are now facing an unprecedented ‘Graduate Employability Crisis.’

Tertiary education, which has enjoyed a steady rise in popularity since the 70s, has for the first time reached a tipping point – there is now a huge oversupply of graduates (Papadopolous, 2014), coupled with the lowest number of jobs for graduates (Dodd & Tadros, 2014). Add to this the fact that 49% of graduates say they are unprepared for the workforce (Huynh, 2014), some are, for the first time in decades, wishing that they simply started working after high school as they believe their university course was a ‘waste of time.’ (Kimmorley, 2014). Given the potentially imminent exponential increase in fees, university could be about to become an extremely expensive waste of time (Knott & Gilmore, 2014).

I’m not about to give up on degrees altogether, though. After all, they are a minimum entry requirement for many professions, and can provide an opportunity for fun times and a great lifestyle (yes, I was an Arts student). I’m a Graduate Manager after all, so I do require you to complete your degree so I have a profession (can you be a Non-Graduate Manager?). However, completing your degree with decent academic grades is simply not enough. What do you need to do? Well, let’s start with a great resume and cover letter…


I’m joking.

I hire graduates with barely a glance at their CV and Cover Letter.

I’m serious.

Here’s the real deal.

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