The Dark Knight of Asus Notebook — Tei’s mini review

Welcome back to my review again and here is the Asus Zenbook UX302LG.

This guy seems not to be the newest model for the Q4 of 2014, anyway the appearance still fucking sexy. They said the concept is came from Zen philosophy. I have no idea what’s that mean but holy shit, it’s awesomeeeee! Especially its packaging, all black sleek and savvy design.

Talking about the external, you will get your eyes on the lid’s notebook which is made from strong and beautiful glass cover. Looks shinny and elegant with the shade of dark navy colour, and contrast with the white light on Asus logo. Honestly, I think girls can use it as a mirror to make up. Anyway It’s cool but it’s very easy to get fingerprint all the time, booooo. For the base, this dark knight guy got his brush aluminium armor so the resistant should be great.

Real life using : You will get 4th generation of CPU i7–4500U, RAM 8GB(upgradable), 16SSD+750GB of HDD. Quality and premium metal body within 1.5 Kg.
Again, I don’t have problem with powerful and energy friendly of awesome core i7 and those RAM which is a lot adequate for everyday using. But about harddisk? Have you fucking lost your mind Asus? SSD in this price range is a must! Damnn. Other things, 3 3.0 USB and mini light weight charger, I think this one looks like MAC adaptor.

Display with IPS panel Full HD, yeah we got full hd right now. It’s bright and strong vivid from my sight when comparing to my last review of dell 7347. Also glossy screen so it may not good under the daylight situation.

It has Nvidia GeForce 730M and integrated Intel HD4400 as GPU, for who doesn’t know about this kind I’d say It’s not new and so so performance but still better to have only onboard graphic. Anyway it cause more energy consumption and the heat. Intel 7260 wireless card is great, dual channel 2.4 and 5 GHz, I have no wifi issue though it’s not as great as boardcom wireless chip in Apple.

Super bouncing backlit keyboard! I like that. I feel myself very enjoy typing. This is surprisingly better than I expect. And very smooth touchpad, large and precisely. Furthermore, this dark knight comes with 2 speakers, left and right. Loudness is normal, good for 1–3 people in small room. It has a famous speaker brand of Bang and Olufsen Technology but it can’t rock my world at all. Voice detail is good but lacking of base is something you can fine in other ultrabook.

Heat? nope I don’t feel the the heat and noise at all when it’s idle. But when using more performance or stress test, it’s another thing, you will noticeably feel the heat but it’s not that hot, perhaps the Geforce is much working, while the fan’s noise isn’t loud, surprisingly. Also impressive battery life for window, I got more than around 7 hour for single charge, thanks for 50Wh battery, good job Asus.

Verdict : This’s nothing bells and whistle but design, It’s premium and fucking elegance, middle light weight, and be able to catch the eyes on.
However, instead of having this bitch performance, you can easily find many notebooks that cause you 40% off this price, perhaps. If you are looking for the stylish, premium material, thin & light weight, this could be the one you should consider. If you are only the performance seeker, there are plenty of choices!

Stay awesome!

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