Kafka 1.1 Docker Image

I have recently published the 1.1.0 version of the Docker image teivah/kafka.

The goal remains the same. Having a simple Docker image packaging Zookeeper and Kafka (here based on the version 1.1.0).

You need to run the following command by replacing <DOCKER_HOST> with your Docker host IP:

2181 is the Zookeeper port whereas 9092 is the Kafka port.

The environment variables are the following:

  • ADVERTISED_HOST: Hostname published to Zookeeper
  • ADVERTISED_PORT: Port published to Zookeeper
  • LOG_RETENTION_HOURS: Number of hours to keep a log file
  • LOG_RETENTION_BYTES: Maximum size of the log before deleting it
  • NUM_PARTITIONS: Default number of log partitions per topic
  • AUTO_CREATE_TOPICS: Enable auto creation of topics (default: true)