#MatatuRant3...In a hurry to go nowhere

8.50 p.m.

The essence of delayed gratification is a hard concept. It seems to be something that has evaded most of us.

'Gari sabini!'

'Gari sabini!'

'Gari ya mwisho sabini!'

Not to be lost in translation, it was almost like a crying call to battle. I am leaning on a wall enjoying the spectacle. Men and women, young and old, big and small, tall and short, all clawing at each other pushing to get into the only matatu at the bus stop. Another matatu pulls into the stage and a man in a suit jumps in before it even halts to a stop. The audacity.

I press the power button on my phone and it comes to life.

8.55 p.m.

I smile to myself. They are working class people. It is not like it gets easy doing the 9 to 5 on a daily basis. They just want to get home as fast as possible to enjoy their beds, probably. Or are we all just addicts in this journey of life always chasing our next fix, the next high.

I hope the Lord has a sense of humor. The day of Armageddon He should not make any grand appearance. Instead He should place His grand jury guys in Kenyan matatus during rush hour. The guys would be seated pretty at the back. The matatu slowly pulls into the stage and guys would be there fighting their way to get in. And behold, if only they had known that they were walking into their judgements. I pity the guy who would have stepped on the jury guy as they took their seat at the back. Ouch.

8.59 p.m.

'Gari sabini!'

'Gari ya mwisho sabini!'

The war cry is called out again for the umpteenth time. Or is it the word 'last' in the call that scares them? Are people really afraid that it could be the last matatu of the day?

Another one pulls in to the stage.

9.02 p.m.

'Gari hamsini'

'Gari hamsini!'

This time the call is subtle. It is called out in a reduced tone. The previous matatu has not yet even left the stage. Loosley translated, the price of the matatu ride had just been brought down, and to think the only real difference is only a matter of minutes.

I smile wryly slowly walking to my cheaper ride...

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