#MatatuRants2..Of strange conversations and genitalia.

09.10 p.m

I am thinking to myself, 'Why do some humans always seem to be in a hurry?' Time waits for no man. The other sinister half of me frowns at my thoughts. But, it's like some have less time than the rest of us?. The angel in me always the resilient one. Are we going home or not? Or do we have all night? The sinister in me grinning knowing I cannot possibly make a comeback.

I grab the metal rail and haul myself into the matatu. Today I take the aisle seat facing the door. This is one of the most strategic seats, with a 360 degrees view and the easiest escape route incase of an emergency.


Less than five minutes later we are off. Like seriously what was the hurry? The angel in me clutching at straws trying to make a comeback. The inside of the matatu is dim. There is no radio, everyone is left to their own thoughts. I fumble for my phone from my pocket.

A phone starts to ring belonging to this lady seated infront of me to my left. She picks it and immediately I know we are going to have a blast. Now, don't get me wrong. I am always minding my own business until you make your business my business. I stop midway through the article I was reading. She was the type that talks too loudly. I close my eyes and pay attention.

Abomination. Outrageous. Unacceptable. I know some of you are frowning at my outright intrusion of the privacy of this lady. But before you condemn me. Hold up for one moment. The network provider guys were definitely listening in on the conversation. And don't get me started on the snooping theories by the intelligence agencies. So what was so wrong with me joining in on the bandwagon?

The conversation drifted from pleasantries to talk of work and catching up. Honestly, were it not for her almost perfect spoken English I would have zoned off. Then there was talk of tears brought about from watching movies.

'Umepata mtu wa the other genitalia?' (Have you found someone of the other genitalia?). Now that question even got me sitting upright on my seat. Who invents some of the code we use in our daily interactions? Do we even notice using them? I couldn't help but smile thinking of the ingenuity of the statement. She seemed oblivious and that made it even more intriguing.


8.50 p.m

The essence of delayed gratification is a hard concept....

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