In search of a question.

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would use the first 55 minutes to determine the proper question to ask. — Albert Einstein

That’s how my week started. With simple task — find the right question. You see I am a dreamer who is really close to taking the huge step towards his dream, Launching — time when your assumption fights fiercely with the reality. I can say now I am a frequent user of medium (more of a reader than a writer) and it made me felt the power that the words on the Internet possess. I came to know about how everyone is using this power to enrich their lives and the lives of others.

When we started working on our start-up, I was not aware of this power and through the half way, I was merging slowly into this realm. Started just with reading cool articles here and there. I remember some of the starting ones that made me go deep into this culture of online reading and writing. Motivation has been always my focus and that’s when I started to take them seriously. When someone had written something in the article that resonated with me, I have tried to implement it into my life. Don’t know if it worked back then, but it started something. It started an itch to change, to be better.
You must have imagined the next part, I started immersing more and more and suddenly one day I realized the impact. Impact that those words had created inside me. It made me a better person, improved my knowledge and gave me a larger view towards life.

That was the time when we became serious about the importance of a blog for our start-up. I remembered the first time when I heard about it from an article about search engine optimization. But after realizing the power of the conversations that you can have with others through the internet, I knew we need to write the blog and not just for the shake of the SEO but for connecting with our users, our potential customers. I knew i was not a writer from any angle but I also knew that nobody knows our dream, our start-up more than me. I felt I can write about it, I can write for it.

One time I was into the process of writing our first blog for the company, I realized how much difficult it is to write a content that user likes. I had not published anything that I wrote on the internet. But after reading the first few drafts, I knew I had a lot of things to learn. This time also I was blessed by the power of amazing articles, concepts, and loopholes that helped aspiring writers like me to take the next step. I came to know about content marketing and the idea of creating the content that adds values to the life of the potential customers. It felt really nice way to connect with them. Now the goal was to create a content that adds value to their life, our potential customers.

Throughout this whole entrepreneurial journey till today, I have learned one thing. Uncle Albert Einstein is 100% right. I have felt the time decreasing if we know the thing that we are looking for. If we are clear enough. If we ask the right question.

This week started with finding that question into the field of content marketing. The hardest thing about content marketing is you have to talk to the potential customers about your venture and how it can be useful to them, into their terms. This is what I think matters the most. So here I am, trying to be the best at getting better.

Do you want to know the question that I found in an answer?

How will it make them feel?