Bluetooth is Hacked ?

A Bluetooth connection can leave computers, smartphones and other devices with this functionality vulnerable to security attacks. So it is advisable not to use it until an update has been provided patching it.

The advice comes from German Federal Office for Information Security responding to the recent “BlueBorne” Bluetooth Vulnerability. The vulnerability is thought to have affected around 8 billion devices.

Some manufacturers have already released updates patching the security issue and but some old devices that are never going to get any updates always remain vulnerable to this breach.

The vulnerability allows an attacker to execute any arbitrary code on your device without even you knowing about it. The malware spreads by affecting one device and then passes it to other devices.

Once attacked, the devices remain vulnerable to additional softwares from the internet. The malware also affects things like mouse and keyboards with bluetooth feature. It in fact affects every handsfree device with the bluetooth feature and also affects devices like tablets, smartphones, PCs, laptops irrespective of their OS.

The best way is to use the feature only when it is needed else turn it off. The all new iOS 11 has an issue with turning off the the Wi-fi and Bluetooth from the Control Center. More about it can be read here. This leaves it more vulnerable to the security issue. Apple will have obviously known about this and will soon release a patch for the same. Eligible android devices too, hopefully will get an update for the same.

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