How to Structure Your First UX Design Portfolio
Geunbae "GB" Lee

That’s quite a detailed article touching almost all aspects of the UX portfolio building process. I liked how you’ve not only elaborated on the the crux (projects) but also on the wrapper around (website). Great work there.

I believe there are a couple of key points which you could add/modify in the UX process structure:

  • The design problem/challenge: what was the (business) problem the designer was trying to solve
  • User research: description of users in terms of demographics, needs, pain points, etc. This phase could include the deliverables like personas, empathy maps, etc
  • Ideation: How did the candidate solve the problem (brainstorming, affinity)
  • Solution: Wireframes, low Fi, Hi Fi mockups, prototypes
  • Results/Feedback: Success metrics, user testing feedback, etc.

So essentially the designer describes how they went from insights to conception, to solution and to impact.

I’m basing these suggestions on my personal interview experiences and feedbacks which I received during the internship application phase.

Would love to hear your thoughts too!

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