18 died in Uri Attacks: Do We Really Care About Our Army Men? I mean Seriously.
Dheeraj DeeKay

Dear Dheeraj,

I read your article and i am not fully convince by your though process that how this government is same as the previous or how Modi led BJP Government and its ministers are irresponsible . If you remember the incidence of Naga Militants Killing our soldiers in an ambush in Manipur in June and the Befitting reply given by our Armed Forces and the Indian Government by tracking them down in to Myanmar and killing around 40 Naga Insurgents.In case of Pakistan it is correct that we have been so much tolerant that we need to retaliate back. But According to my understanding what this Government is doing is firstly gathering a consensus against Pakistan .This can be clearly understood by the Foreign Policy of this Government .For example Russia and Pakistan we going to conduct the Military Exercise in PoK.But after the attack our Home Minister cancelled his Russia Trip and Russian cancelled their Joint Exercise with Pakistan.So Give this government some time they will strike them the hardest way ever possible diplomatically and Militarily.

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