In today’s episode we will be going to explore THE HINDU’s editorial “ Cricket’s new order ” for words with rich vocabulary.

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We suggest you to read the editorial to get maximum exposure to the words we are going to see


S.NO WORD CLASS SYNONYM 1 SYNONYM 2 MEANING 1 Bearer A Noun Carrier Provider a person or thing that carries or holds something 2 Defy A Verb Disobey Break openly resist or refuse to obey 3 Reform A Verb Better Improve make changes in something, especially an institution or practice in order to improve it 4 Eminence A Noun Renown Greatness fame or acknowledged superiority within a particular sphere 5 Interim A Noun Meantime Interval the intervening time

Watch as interactive video for easy learning

Did any of these words influence you to use in your day to day life? Share us the sentences you have managed to form with today’s words in the comments below.

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