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We are launching daily vocabulary series from Today. This series is available on YouTube and Facebook.

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We will be picking selective words ranging from 5 to 7 on a daily basis from Editorials of Leading newspapers like THE HINDU, ECONOMIC TIMES or BUSINESS STANDARD.

Today, we are going to explore The New Indian Express’ editorial of 3rd December, 2016 for words with rich vocabulary.

We suggest you to read the editorial to get maximum exposure to the words we are going to see.


S.NO WORD CLASS SYNONYM 1 SYNONYM 2 MEANING 1 Legitimacy Noun Lawfulness Rightfulness Conformity to the law or to rules. 2 Exemplify Verb Typify Represent Be a typical example of. 3 Conception Noun Origination Fertilization The way in which something is perceived or regarded. 4 Imperiousness Adjective Arrogant Necessary The trait of being imperious and overbearing. 5 Cloak Noun Cover Mask Anything that covers or conceals. 6 Paramount Adjective Principal Predominant Chief in importance or impact 7 Eroding Verb Ravage Spoil Destroy by slow consumption or disintegration.

Did any of these words influence you to use in your day to day life? Share us the sentences you have managed to form with today’s words in the comments below. You may also ask for any words you do want to see here. We shall be adding them in our next episodes.


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