The One

She gazes at the dusky velvet skies,
Her eyes with sparkles, scintillate.
Perceiving the lumen, Hades by the Styx,
'So lustrous, a diamond!' – he state.

Treading on the golden sand of the Pacific,
Her graceful steps leaving a trail so fragrant,
As her silk gown coasted along the golden sand lick,
Screening her chaste flesh from inducing a dent.

As she lay on the glittering beach
The fierce waters, foamy and fleecy,kissed
Her cascading dark hair and sanctified
From the envious stares of peach

Until the moon rose on the dark ‘ground
She illumined the world, whole and wide.
Casting over her melody, forth her serenade,
As Zephyr ceased, to rapture her sound.

As the moon rose to the scene,
He yelled ‘Who translate this night to stain?’
The ocean aroused with extreme wrath,
Roared at the moon, cutting through a swathe.

There I watched, from the brow,
Admiring and adoring her embellished movement,
My eyes expressed to mind, its dissent.
Saddened, as I get no glimpse of thou.

She turned her face from the blue,
My jaws gaped wide open, enthralled
A beauty like this, seldom be found few,
As my heart pumped with bellows and hauled.

Her skin soaked in red wine,
Camouflaged the tender skin of gold.
‘Oh Aphrodite! Is she your born?
‘Who drowns me in ocean of love’, I told.

Then she strolled toward me,
Wearing a serene smile on her face,
Stood close to me,
And whispered words of a tongue unknown and daze.
Who was she? My love?
Traveled sea to coast to cove,
Voices boistered and bid adieu,
Saying it was none other than you.

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