A Look back at 2018

2018 has been very productive in terms of diversifying my interests and going out to pursue them .Here are a couple of things that happened

I cut down on my Blockchain related activities didnot attend as many meetups as I had done in 2017 didnot meet anyone signifcant as I did the previous year and kept a pause on other aspects of learning ,coding etc

I actually trained at the Nisha Millet Swimming Academy(An academy run by a Olympian in Bangalore )for breast butterfly back strokes and basic dives .It was always my deep desire to master advanced I had learnt swimming when I was 8 itself but never got to learn advanced skills I am glad this time I could pick up some of these great skills

I got a fantastic opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion on the Personal data protection bill organised by sflc.in at Hyatt Centric.It was regarding the recommendations of the Justice Sri Krishna committee .I was the youngest participant that day in a room full of experienced technocrats and lawyers and got vital knowledge in both technical and legal aspects of the same .Met some amazing people


I also officially entered Scuba Diving when I attended the Open Water Course with Temple Adventures at Pondi at the end of the year .One thing is certain I am fast moving out of Bangalore and settling in Pondi for the rest of my life .The 4 days were amazing though I still have 2 more dives to complete before I could officially get certified Hats off to the instructors at Temple Adventures for their dedication

I also started playing Chess tournaments this year thanks to my Friend and Chess Champ Sujay who kept sharing inputs and cheering me up though I lost most of the games I played .I might enter Chess professionally at some stage very soon .

I started creating my own brand of activism through the RTI .I have realised the extreme importance of RTI in furthering a lot of public agenda and hope to use it to furnish important information concerning us citizens and use it as a leverage to get things done fight out injustices seek policy clarity from the government

I have also kind of embraced a very different outlook in terms of my economic and political ideology which is coupled with strict adherence to tolerance and secularism and at the same time an economic free market mindset with emphasis on innovation and access of emerging technologies for the poor

I got an amazing opportunity to visit rural Andhra Pradesh for teaching kids at government schools which have been adopted by an NGO run by techies from Microsoft .The kids are just amazing ,I also committed to conduct a few workshops myself in the near future on various topics .They have been provided computers introduced to ML ,E commerce and other interesting topics by people working in Microsoft .

Though we all are from the farming communities the fact that we have never even been and seen villages and participated in agricultural activities kind of made me sad .

I also was quite involved with Quora meetups and stuff and defence think tanks particularly caught my attention and I got an associate membership at the National Maritime Foundation

Oh yeah and finally after my mom persuading me repeatedly I finally hit the gym for the first time in my life ever near my house and it’s been like nearly 5 months .I have no ambitions of getting ripped and all just wanna look decent as of now I look like a thin medium sized tree .I am seeing gains and hope to consolidate it further

2019 promises to be even more amazing with 2 fat weddings of my relatives coming up at Palace Grounds .I will also commence my rifle shooting classes I also plan to envisage a program to collaborate with government schools and create enterpreneurial opportunities for the students .Any leads on this would be amazing I am writing a book and hopefully will be out soon

As with any kind of work volunteering social work comes with its difficulties most of the times I myself have no great monetary ambitions all I want is for the kids I meet to nurture great ambitions of innovating and earning great money eventually to spend it on effective causes this cycle will greatly uplift standards of living of millions If I could create 10 Buterins ,100 CEOs and a 1000 Enterpreneurs from these historically underprivileged communities I would happily leave this earth till then days and night dont matter to me.